Stylist Details

Senior Stylist // Amanda


  • Hair Do Crew - Daphne, Alabama- Amanda
It was late April in 1994 she was offered a scholarship and desired to attend art school. She assisted in a salon part time and was inspired by the works of art being created within this environment. Her mind was made up! Her canvas would be the hair and skin...... It’s always been an art career for her and it’s always opened doors. That includes film, tv, print, both in front of the camera or an audience or as a team member on the other side of the spotlight. She enjoys lighting people up! “I’m a people person and an artist, that’s how we roll!” In her spare time she does many forms of art; sketching, music, painting, sports; especially martial arts. These interests have her better serve you. “I do everything in my life and work with good purpose and connect those ideas in order to create at my best for you. I hope to look in the mirror with you soon. “