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stylist // Jamie


  • Hair Do Crew - Daphne, Alabama- Jamie
Jamie has been working at Hair-Do since she decided it was not just a once-in-awhile hair salon to her, but a family where she could fit in perfectly while still standing out. Her special skills include both having and giving others incredible eyebrows (whether it be waxing, plucking or enhancing with makeup), paying crazy attention to detail, mastering interesting new makeup trends and quickly becoming a photographer when someone gets an awesome new hairstyle. She loves her job because her co-workers often give her confidence and support, her clients sometimes give her great stories and hugs, and to Jamie there is nothing better than a client coming in with a ton of hair and nervous mind and leaving feeling ten pounds lighter with a newfound confound confidence, happy that we gave them the courage to try a new look. You may find yourself in (or in the middle of) a passionate discussion about Harry Potter, musical theater, ice skating, the band Muse or even philosophical standpoints if Jamie does your hair.

In the future, she would like to travel while continuing her hair-dressing work, expand her cosmetology skills with training and classes for different services and if her dreams come true, bring her experience, skills, and attention-to-detail to work on movie sets, backstage at theater productions, and professional photoshoots.